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Sybarite Lifestyle Management liberates clients from the demands of running a sophisticated household so they can leverage their time and fully realize the lifestyle they desire. The unique requirements of each client determine the precise scope of work. However, the core services below describe those most frequently requested.

We are regularly entrusted with matters as diverse as art and real estate acquisitions, construction management, and ancillary family office functions. With 360° oversight we expertly liaise with: vendors, contractors, craftsmen, governmental/regulatory agencies and other entities to deliver results in a timely manner. Clients are informed of progress with constant communication.



Sharing the warmth of a gracious home with family, friends, and associates is joyful yet taxing. We create memorable events, from intimate dinners to events for several hundred, that free our clients to focus on the most important aspect of any event, their guests.

Putting your distinctive touch to social occasions is our specialty. We relish creating bespoke events that surprise, delight, and impress guests and hosts alike. For example: adapting a private library for an intimate author’s lecture and luncheon; installing an exhibition in a patron’s home to introduce a new artist;  acquiring and converting an adjacent estate in Bel Air into a great lawn for a social event.

We serve as personal shoppers for any item that a client may wish to procure.  We curate clients’ wardrobes, from selecting new items and selling or donating unwanted ones, to documenting and inventorying all garments and accessories. Our discreet and confidential relationships enable us to represent clients anonymously when buying or selling pieces on their behalf. These services extend to fine jewelry and timepieces. All household accouterments that create the signature style, comfort, and ambiance of each residence are provided with the same care and expertise.


Our proven methodology for assimilating the myriad of details associated with a household relocation or renovation ensures a seamless transition. When the planning process permits, we consult with architects and designers regarding service support areas for the domestic team, such as laundry, butler’s pantry, and wine cellar. To complement the design and building process, we procure china, stemware, flatware, serving pieces, table linens, bed linens, bathroom terry & linens, hangers, materials for a home spa, and a multitude of other items which truly make the difference in the daily operation of a fine home.




We begin each project with a visit to the client’s residence. We tour the home, observe the staff, survey the household operation, and meet with the principals. It is very important that we establish a clear understanding of what the client envisions and what is not currently effective.


After this initial meeting, we develop a blueprint for attaining the desired standard. Creating a staffing plan is the next step in the process. The staffing plan lists the number and types of positions needed and establishes a work schedule to optimize household services. Once the staffing plan has been approved, we develop a timeline to implement the necessary changes.


Training is typically the next stage. Each position is assigned to the best qualified staff member. Staff are equipped with a position description, trained on job duties, and supported until they are confident in the daily execution of their tasks.


Once training is complete, the staff is left to perform their jobs for two to four weeks. We then check with the principals to ensure satisfaction. If all is well, the standards, procedures, and systems are then documented in a household manual. This manual becomes the hallmark for the operation of the home. It is a living document which is updated as the household evolves and is an invaluable tool to ensure that new employees are trained to the same standards as existing staff.


Our comprehensive approach guarantees a unique and thoughtful means of elevating a residence to the extraordinary. Your needs and dreams, from the anticipation of your daily routine to fulfilling seemingly impossible wishes, are managed with our meticulous planning and extraordinary resourcefulness.  We are equally qualified to serve our clients’ peripatetic lifestyles, among multiple residences or while traveling.

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